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Kudos to the creators, and want to recommend all of the Ludo games addicts out there. Earlier I was playing 6-7 hours daily without any monetary benefit. Thanks to Pocket Ludo now I can earn some money while dedicating some time to this game. It's win-win situation.

I was surprised to see that I can make money but just playing Ludo. Finally, I can do it while playing Pocket Ludo. So far haven't experienced any glitch. Looking forward to making more money. I would love to see 4 Player gameplay currently it's only 2 players I must agree I haven’t seen anyone hacking the game as it happens in Ludo king.

The best part of this game, it's secure, and only 2 players can play to avoid hack. Thanks for linking up my bank account so that the Winner amount is directly transacted to it. Thumbs up to the developer to make the gameplay safe, as such haven’t seen any hack tricks so far.

Thank you guys, for instantly sending me my money directly to my bank account after the game is finished. Better to earn real coins rather than accumulating virtual coins like Ludo king. Now I can proudly say I am a Ludo addict because this game provides me entertainment in addition to the money that I can earn.

Pocket Ludo is one of the best Ludo games I have ever played. It doesn’t hang. This is really important because I was pissed with other Ludo game apps. So, finally, I found the best Ludo app that works online and offline too.

I downloaded this app and referred it to my friends. I got the cashback. Really happy to play this game. Rules are simple. This is 2 player game so won’t take much time. And yes, I won and earned also. Feeling Amazing.

I am always excited to play Ludo and during this lockdown, it has been my savior. I would highly recommend this app as this is smooth and you can always earn. Keep it up Pocket Ludo Team!

Enjoyed it a lot! Must Download! The game is pretty good. Nice design. Awesome features. This is better than any other Ludo app. It has fast support. I played with my parents who live in a different city.

Pocket Ludo is really amazing. I found this game really interesting as during this pandemic we all are playing Ludo so why not earn money from this. I can play this for hours and I didn’t get bored. Transfer of money in the account is also very simple in this game so, for me, it is a perfect source of enjoyment and making money.

Yupppiiii! Coins aren’t virtually any more like Ludo King. Here can earn real coins and get it encashed. Thanks to the Pocket Ludo team, for making this so that my boredom can be converted to my earning. Thank you for making it safe and secure so that I can transfer money to my saving accounts.

I was waiting for such a Ludo App. This makes my day. I just won the game and it is super interesting to play Ludo with money. It is not at all biased, so I like this game more than any other Ludo Game App.