Why Pocket Ludo?

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Monthly Challenges

It is a chance to increase your Ludo buddies. You can accept the daily challenge and connect with the people around the globe to enjoy the Ludo game. Internet accessibility is the only thing required and you are good to start the battle with anyone daily.

You V/s Computer

You can enjoy some Ludo rounds with the computer being the opponent. In this, you don’t need internet access. This will make you a pro in making strategies and apply them on time.

Play With Friends

Share the board code to make your friends join in the fun ride of Ludo. This game brings you a complete emotional ride where you feel angry, happy, and screaming too. So, ask your friends around the globe to join the Pocket Ludo Game to enjoy every moment with you.

Only two player Ludo Game

Ludo is a 4 player game but we believe in an impartial game. Therefore, the Pocket Ludo game is for 2 players in order to keep the game fair for everyone. Here, to avoid unfairness towards any participant, we have only 2 player modes. You can connect with your friends and family across the globe to start a game. Only two players at a time will enjoy the battle.

Fast Redeeming Process

Winning players can quickly redeem the game points to the real money. Here, you will enjoy every bit of the game from initially creating a strategy to winning money instantly. We have a fast process of transferring the money prices into your accounts.

Non-hackable & fair gaming

Many players think about hacking the game. But, Pocket Ludo is a non-hackable game. It serves the fair dice roll for every player. So, it gives the fair chance to win every player. So, play to win as this is one of the unbiased games.

Monthly leader wins Special Prizes

Win a prize monthly. The top scorer on our monthly leaderboard will stand a chance to win a prize. Here, you can win every day and every month. So, don’t miss a chance of earning by sitting at home. Play more and lead the monthly leaderboard.

Win more than you pay!

You can earn from 2 to 50 folds of your entry fee. To participate in the Pocket Ludo league, you need to pay a minimal entry fee. Here, you can enjoy every bit of it with your opponents and win money 2-50 times of the league entry fees. Isn’t that a pretty good way to earn money by playing Ludo?

Win Direct Cash Price

We keep complete transparency when it comes to winning transactions. Here, at Pocket Ludo, you can redeem your points into cash and get the amount in your Paytm or you can also get the amount by UPI Transfer. Both the modes, Paytm and UPI transfer work for the entry league fees payment also. The instant transfer of money will motivate you to earn more.

24x7 support

We offer you 24*7 support to give you a better user experience. We, at the Pocket Ludo Game support team, are here to provide you with the best Ludo game experience as we follow a user-friendly system. If you have any queries related to rules, money, transactions, and experience then you can share with us. We will resolve them as soon as we receive them. We always welcome your reviews so that we can work on them and give you a better experience of the Ludo Game.

Registered Fantasy gaming under “ Aneva Games Pvt Ltd”

The best games require the safest registration process. So, the Pocket Ludo game is safe as it is registered under Aneva Games Private Limited. This can make your moves secure and fun. Being registered under a reliable source, Pocket Ludo provides you harmless playing time.

Minimum service charges

Pocket Ludo game has excluded the service charges at the time of entry fees of the game.So, to give you a flexible and comfortable environment of the battleground of the Ludo game, our team constantly works on your feedback. We are with you in this, as we bear a 10% service charge from which we pay for transaction charge, GST, service charge, etc. In order to give you a smooth experience, we pay for regular development charges and running costs.