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Yes, it is a real money game. Pocket Ludo game lets you win real money. You can start the game by buying Ludo coins which can be redeemed into real money. So, here you can earn money by playing it and referring it to your friends and family.

Here, at the Pocket Ludo Game, 1 Ludo coin is equal to 1 Indian Rupee. You can redeem the Ludo coins whenever you want. It is an easy process to redeem the Ludo coins into real money. This money will be transferred to your account.

Are you a fan of the board game and want to earn some money? Then you should check out ludo online game. With such a game, you can show your ludo gameplay skill by investing real money and can win cash by winning the game. Originally developed in India, Ludo game has gained a lot of popularity among people. Most of the people have different Ludo game apps in their smartphone. It provides them a great source of entertainment. But with time the game has gone through a lot of changes, and now you can earn money by playing the game.
The real money Ludo game comes with a lot of attractive features and lets you enjoy a better Ludo gaming experience. The app Android devices and run very smoothly. Easy to install and easy to play. Get ready for the battle with online Ludo game and play against your friends and family member. Start your move by rolling six number with your dice and get your character the middle of the board. Use your mouse to play the game, win the match, and get ready to earn real money. So, start your game now and enjoy it.

Our Game Is Open To All Over The World, Members From All Part Of World Can Participate In Our Game.

There is no doubt that real money Ludo game for android is quite popular. It is very addictive and unpredictable board game. But with some tips and tricks, you can increase your chances of a win. However, here are some basic features of some popular Ludo games:

To Download And Install The Game, Follow The Below-mentioned Steps:

You download games from their official sites. When you download the game from the website, the APK file will save on your device. Just find it and click on install.
It will take a few seconds only to get installed on the device. Once done, just find that APK on your device and tap on it to begin the game.
Make sure you have a working internet connection to play Ludo games.

Yes, you can play with your friends. You need to share the table code for the game with your friends and then you can begin the game. So, install the Pocket Ludo app and buy Ludo coins to initiate the game. You can connect with new friends online during daily and weekly challenges.

Well, there is no such shortcuts or cheat codes to win the game. You need to play wisely while playing Ludo online multiplayer. However, here are some practical tips and Ludo tricks that you can consider.

1. Build a strong strategy. You need to analyze the moves of your opponent. So work according to their moves.

2. If you want to win then bring out all the tokens. Don’t play with only one token.

3. Analyze the number that pops up on the dice. You should either make your token safe or you can kill the token of your opponent. Try not to keep your tokens unattended.

4. If you want to win then killing your opponent’s token is a must. So, kill whenever you can by reaching to opponent’s token.

5. Whenever your token is on the unsafe place then run. Move your tokens when you get higher numbers on dice.

6. If you need to choose between the near win move and killing opponent move then always go for a near win move. This will make you win money and game.

In “pocketludo” App The Earning Potential Is Unlimited, Users Can Play Game With Minimum 50 Rupees To Maximum 10,000 Rupees. Suppose You Are Playing A 2 Members Games With 100 Rupees Entry Fees, Then The Winner Will Be Getting 180 Rupees (90% Of Collected Amount) , Rest 10% Will Be Admin Charges. Simultaneously If You Choose To Play With 500 Ruppes In 4 Member Board,then The Winner Will Be Getting 1800 Ruppes(90% Of Collected Amount). Users Can Play As Many Games As They Want. We Are 24 X 7 Open For All.

To win money through Ludo real money game, there are certain rules that you will have to understand first. Let’s have a look into those Ludo games rules.

1. Online Ludo game can be played between 2 to 4 players. You will get four pieces, or you can say tokens. The player who will get all the token to its home first wins the game. You can’t leave the math in the middle or else you will lose it.

2. You can move the token from your base if you roll a six.

3. When you roll a six, you will get another chance to roll the dice again. Try to hit big for a better move.

4. However, if you roll six three-time continuously, then your turn ends. The next player will now roll the dice.

5. In ludo game online play, if your token reaches the finish line, you can roll the dice again.

6. When you killed you, opponent, you will get another chance to roll the dice.

7. On the board, you will get eight safe places marked with star sign.

Just follow the game rules and play wisely to win the game and real money. Download the best game APK now.

The Winning Amount Will Be Credited In The “pocketludo Wallet” Instantly.

The Ludo real money online game offers you a chance to win extra money by inviting your friends to join the board game. By referring, you can earn around Rs 00 to Rs. 100 INR. Make sure that the friend you referred, uses your referral code while signing in. Here is the entire process.

1. You need to share the referral code or link to your friends through WhatsApp or any other sharing application.

2. When your friend receives the link, he/she has to download the APK and install in on the device. The person has to register on the game application.

3. After that, your friend needs to apply the referral code and need to make the first minimum transaction. That’s it.

You can use the money to play Ludo online multiplayer game. When you win a match, the winning amount will be added on your wallet. You can withdraw your money from the wallet whenever you want. It is really, very entertaining. Play with your friends and family members and enjoy the Ludo games. So, what are you waiting for now? Download the game and get ready to earn some money while enjoying the game.

Go To Wallet Section, There You Can Find Deposit Options. In Pocketludo We Are Offering Several Method Of Deposit Options. Users Can Use Patym Wallet, Net Banking, Credit Cards Debit Card, Upi Payments.

Go To Wallet Section, There You Can Find Deposit Options. In Pocketludo We Are Offering Several Method Of Deposit Options. Users Can Use Patym Wallet, Net Banking, Credit Cards Debit Card, Upi Payments.

Minimum Amount For Deposit: 50 Rupees Minimum Amount For Withdrawl: 200 Rupees

Withdrawal Amount Will Be Credited Within 1 Working Days, Provided Your “kyc” Is Completed.

Don’t worry. Here, all the transactions are safe and secure. So, if your deposit transaction gets failed but money is deducted then you can contact our support team as soon as possible. We will check and your money will be refunded.

Yes, if you are looking for a game that has interesting features then Pocket Ludo is the game. It is a game that can entertain you, your family and friends. You can instantly earn money from this game. This game brings many thrills by rolling 6. You just need to strategize your game.

According to the laws of Nagaland, Assam, Odisha, and Sikkim and Telangana; these states can’t participate in pay-to-play online games. Apart from these states, yes this app works everywhere in India. So, you share the table code and start your game. Here, you can also connect with people during tournaments from different regions of different states.

Withdrawal of cash is an easy process. You need to click on the coins and then on the withdraw button. If you want the cash transferred to the bank, then you can enter your bank details. We also give you the Paytm option, so you can add a detail of the Paytm account. After the details, you can click on the submit button. The money will be received within 12-15 hours.

Reaching to our support team is easy. We are available 24*7 to provide you the help related to every game issue. You can go to settings and click on the support button. You can explain your issues by writing to us. You can also mail us your subjects or concerns at support@pocketludo.com. We can easily connect with you for your doubts.